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What are Signature Brows?

Read Below Why Signature Brows are your Best Procedure Option 

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Signature Brows
Benefits of Signature Brows 
  • Smudge, Water & Sweat PROOF Brows

  • No More Expensive Brow Makeup

  • Wake Up With PERFECT Brows Daily 

  • Never Worry About Uneven or Thinning Brows 

  • Custom Drawn Realistic Hair Strokes + Intricate Shading

  • Most Popular Option at Designer Brows

  • Most Customizable Option Available

  • Custom Microblading, Nano or pixelated Hair strokes

Signature Brows By Elizabeth 
at Designer Brows 

The Most Customizable and Most Popular Brow Enhancement Procedure Available

Signature brows have intricate hair strokes with custom shading. Which techniques used to create you delicate hair strokes depends on your style preference, skin type and lifestyle.


You can have a more hair stroke look with light shading to add texture and depth or more shading with minor hair strokes strategically placed to achieve your dream eyebrows. 

See What Others Have to Say About Their Signature Brows

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Eyebrow Shaping

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