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Semi Permanent Cosmetics Procedures
Elizabeth Guerrero

Specialist & Instructor

Professional, Trustworthy & Honest

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Guerrero. I am the founder of Elite Enhancements (formerly Known as Designer Brows).


Permanent Makeup is my passion and I am dedicated to providing my clients with meaningful cosmetic enhancement transformations. I also help others succeed in the Permanent Makeup Industry!  



Microblading, Ombre Powder Brows, Signature Brows, Pixel Blade & Shade + Nano Brows

Body Sculpting


Permanently removes fat deposits under your skin. Facial contouring reduces lines and unwanted puffiness under eye & Defines the jaw-line & neck. 

Needless Fat Dissolvable Injections Now Available

Lips Blushing

Full Lip Blushing, Ombre Lip Blushing, Lip Neutralization &

Lip Liner 

Neck &Facial Contouring

Enhance facial symmetry by adding shadows and highlights to the nose, jaw line, and/or cheekbone with custom-blended shadows and highlights to give your face more structure, contour, and depth. 


Scalp Pigmentation:

Thinning, Hairline restoration or crown coverage. 

Non-Invasive BBL or Breast Lift

Revolutionary method to help clients tighten tone and lift their backsides, while also breaking down unwanted fatty tissue deposits and cellulite.


Lash Line, Winged Liner, Smokey Liner 

Teeth Whitening

The use of UV light in the oral application has been replaced by LED lights. Blue spectrum visible LED light has also been proven to provide a catalytic effect for chemical reactions without the added risk of radiation.

Designer Brows Academy

Designer Brows Academy is partnered with Elite Enhancements & is one of the best Microblading Academies in Texas. Certified artists typically start earning a minimum of $50 an hour. ​


No previous experience or beauty licenses required. Graduates receive continued support & business coaching to ensure their success in one of the most luxurious beauty industries.


Text “Academy” for more information.

Eyebrow Treatment

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1000 Gattis School Rd. Suite 830 Round Rock TX 78664

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Text: (512)548-2256 Call:(512)839-7098

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